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2-Pole Sincro Alternators
2-Pole Alternators

Since the company’s doors first opened, Sincro has always produced one of the highest regarded and widest ranges of single and three-phase 2-pole alternators for industrial and commercial use on the world market today. From some of the smallest 2-pole alternators, like the ER, to the largest and newest addition to the 2-pole Sincro family, the IB2, our units are assembled with the greatest attention to detail to ensure the highest quality possible. Always willing to prove our quality to our customers, Sincro has recently acquired ISO 9001 certification to further assure our customers of our best efforts put into our alternator design and construction. Our newest addition to our 2-pole alternator line, the IB2, has increased our power range to 80KVA in three-phase and 56KVA in dedicated single-phase. Along with the IB2 being capable of dedicated single-phase wiring, the majority of our 2-pole units may also be wired from the factory for dedicated single phase use with 70% of the rated three-phase output instead of the standard 60%. Another new addition to our two pole line is the SSG. This unit comes standard with IP55 protection and is optimal for the most hazardous environments, ideal for military, government, and industrial use. The new SSG model also comes with available digital AVR.

KVA power range - 60HZ -

Single-phase    -           2-56 KVA

            Three-phase     -           5-80 KVA

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