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4-Pole Sincro Alternators
4-Pole Alternators

In addition to the wide span of 2-pole alternators, Sincro also produces a large range of 4-pole units. Starting with units in the 5 to 10 KVA range and working their way up into the much larger 1000 to 3120 KVA range. As our units increase in size, they also increase in the number high-end technologies available, some standard and some optional. One of the biggest innovations for our units today is the inclusion of the Permanent Magnet (PMG) systems on our units. Boasting a new line of PMG alternators and PMG excitation systems, Sincro is on the cutting edge of alternator technology, offering the cleanest power outputs on the market and highest power generation efficiencies. Along with the PMG systems available on some of our larger units, almost all of our 4-pole alternators come with optional or standard Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) instead of standard capacitor regulation for higher quality power output. Coupled with our pre-existing AVR technology, we now have new AVR management software so that we may now offer the ability for our customers to monitor both graphically and numerically the status, the alarms, and the fundamental measurements of the alternator. Furthermore, this software allows for remote modifications to the settings and threshold of the machine.

KVA power range - 60HZ -

Single-phase    -           5.5-468 KVA

            Three-phase     -           7.8-3120 KVA


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