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SenDEC 813 Dual Gauge with Lockout

Two gauges in one plus Lockout contact switch!
Top gauge is a Battery Fuel gauge, Bottom gauge is an Hour Meter with Flash Alert options

Dual Gauge with Lockout

Dual Maintenance Gauge with Lockout Protection
Two gauges in ONE with Lockout contact switch! The top meter is a Battery Fuel gauge that indicates the battery charge level. The bottom meter is an Hour Meter with Flash Alert options. The lockout feature opens a contact to protect equipment.
Operation of the Battery Fuel Gauge:
Charge capacity is indicated using a 10 segment LED bar graph display from full (right LED segment lit) to empty (bottom LED segment lit). LED Flash Alert™ flashes the 2nd LED from the left as a warning that the battery has discharged 70%. At 80% discharge, LED Flash Alert™ flashes the left 2 LEDs to indicate very low capacity is remaining. The LED Flash Alert™ can be OEM customized.
Lockout feature:
When a specified battery low charge level is reached, the gauge will open an internal contact. The low charge level is OEM specified. The contact is wired by the OEM to protect equipment during vulnerable equipment operating conditions.
Operation of the Hour Meter:
The hour meter is OEM specified and can count to 9,999.9 hours with 1/10 hour resolution, or 99,999 hours with 1 hour resolution. SenDEC Flash Alert™ service alarms are available based on OEM requirements. The LCD is always lit, so users can examine the total hours or if service is due at any time.

Dual Gauge with Lockout - Wiring

Terminal assignments:
Pin 1: Hour Meter – input
Input (-). Connect to battery ground.

Pin 6: Hour Meter + input
Input (+). When positive voltage is applied with relation to Pin 1, time recording is initiated

Pin 2: Keyswitch input + when positive voltage is applied, the LED display is lit. This may also be wired to the Pin 6 Hour Meter + input, so when the Keyswitch is closed the Hour Meter records running time.

Pin 3, 4: Lockout contact switch when the battery reaches a specified low charge level, the contact is opened. Under normal operating conditions the contact is closed allowing normal equipment operation.

Pin 5: Battery – input (For Battery fuel gauge reading)
Connect as close to the battery negative terminal as possible.

Pin 7 or 8: Battery + input (For Battery fuel gauge reading)
Connect as close to the battery positive terminal as possible.

Battery Fuel Gauge
• 12, 24, 36, or 48 volt DC operation
• 10 segment LED Bar Graph display
• Resolution: 10% per LED segment (or OEM specified)
• Current Draw: 5mA LED Display off,
• 20mA with LED Display ON
• Reverse Polarity Protected
• LED enable input to save battery current
• 70% discharge indicated by the 2nd LED segment flashing
• 80% discharge indicated by the 2 left LED segments flashing
• 3 standard discharge profiles (custom available)
• Overcharge protected (50% over nominal voltage)
• Full charge indicated when the Top LED bar is lit (specified full charge voltage per cell is reached for a minimum of 6 minutes continuously).
Hour Meter
• LCD display always lit
• Counts to 9999.9 or 99,999 hours
• Various inputs and voltage ranges available
• Available with Flash Alert service reminders
Lockout Contact
• When the battery reaches specified low charge level, the contact switch is opened.
• Under normal operating conditions the contact switch is closed allowing normal equipment operation
• Contact switch rating: 1 amp @ 30VDC
Environmental Specifications
• Fits in a standard 2” hole
• Operating temperature: -40F to 160F (-40C to 71C)
• Shock: SAE J1378 55g’s
• Vibration: SAE J1378 20g’s
• Humidity: SAE J1378 95% RH
• 100% Epoxy encapsulated
• Case Material: ABS, black or white
• Weight 1 oz.
• Warranty: Two years for OEMs
OEM Options
• Custom charge and discharge profiles
• Specify when Lockout occurs
• Custom Logos and color printing

813 code

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