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Circuit Breaker Industries (CBI), located near Johannesburg, South Africa, is a major manufacturer of electrical distribution and protection components for low voltage electrical distribution systems.


The foundations of CBI were established in 1949 as a joint venture with the Heinemann Electric Company in Trenton, New Jersey, USA. During 1986 Fuchs Electrical Industries was acquired and merged into a new company called Circuit Breaker Industries Ltd (CBI). CBI is a wholly owned company of Reunert Limited. Reunert focuses primarily on the fields of electronic and electrical engineering and is a privately owned company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.


With an exciting background of South African pioneering achievements, Circuit Breaker Industries has prospered for more than five decades to become a leader in the design and manufacture of circuit breakers for equipment (hydraulic-magnetic), miniature circuit breakers (hydraulic-magnetic), residual current devices (RCD's), molded case circuit breakers (thermal-magnetic) and metering products for electrical applications in supply authorities / utilities, mining, original equipment manufacturers, industrial sectors and millions of households.


CBI is the distributors of Mitsubishi Electric products which cater for a range of industrial applications.



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