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Digital AVR

The new DIGITAL AVR DBL-1 is standard equipped on SK315/355 and SK400/450 alternators

DBL-1 is the name of the new digital AVR with microprocessor that SINCRO has developed for its brushless alternators range.


The new regulator is now supplied as standard on all our SK315/355 and SK400/450 alternators (from 252 to 1920 KVA) at no extra charge and will be extended in the future to the SK250 and JB4 series (at present it is available only as option). With the new digital AVR it is now possible to obtain a greater stability of the output voltage and a better performance in response to the fast variations of the load and of the rotating speed.
The most important technological innovation offered by the new digital regulator is the highly developed capacity for both dialogue and supervision of the machine.
All fundamental parameters of functioning of the alternator can be viewed and controlled both locally and remotely. As a matter of fact the DBL-1 AVR has a serial connection RS485 that allows communication with a local PC directly linked by cable or with a remote PC.
Thanks to the AVR Management Software it is possible to view both graphically and numerically the status, the alarms, and the fundamental measurements of the alternator.
Furthermore, the software allows the modifications of the configurations, the threshold and the settings of the characteristic parameters of the machine. Data are also memorized and can be downloaded in excel format.




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