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E56 Multi-Meter


Reduced instrument costs

-Dual 56 and Din 72x72mm panel cut.
-Low cost combined metering
-Price effective on small gensets too


Minimize Space

-Up to 3-in-1 instruments
-Uniform quadrant for all meters
-Same panel cut and size for all types


Add Value To Your Equipment

-Attractive design
-Hi-Tech electronic metering


Cut Assembly Costs

-Combined multi-metering
-Simplified contact-free direct current input -Customize your panel with no alterations
-Large cage connectors for many wire sizes


Vibration Insensitive

-Robust solid-state engineering -IP54 protection


Microprocessor Design

-Digital accuracy -Reliable metering


Eleberg Led Meter                 Eleberg Led Meter                 Eleberg Led Meter


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