Sincro Sendec CBI Eleberg Mr. Funnel
Alternators Welders Panel Products and Accessories


•Hydraulic-magnetic technology
•100% Rating Capability, independent of ambient temperature
•IEC 60947-2, SABS and UL Approved
•Any Ampere Ratings Possible
•Wide range of Terminations and Accessories Available
•Electrical Overload Indication via Trip Indicator and Mid Trip Handle
Poles:   1, 2, 3
Max. Voltage:   525 VAC, 80 VDC
Max. Interrupting Capacity:       25 kA
Current Rating: 30 A to 750 A
Operating Temperature Range  >  -5  °C
Operating Temperature Range  <  +45  °C
Agency recognition of Approvals:          IEC 60947-2
UL 489A


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