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Liquid Fuel Gauges
Liquid Fuel Gauge

SenDEC Liquid Fuel Gauges are designed to accurately monitor the gas or other liquid levels.  Simple hookups to a fuel sender or liquid resistive devices make SenDEC the top choice for liquid monitoring.     

Liquid capacity is indicated using a 10 segment LED bar graph display from full (right LED segment lit) to empty (left LED segment lit). LED Flash Alert™ flashes the 2nd LED from the left as a warning that liquid is low. Both left 2 LEDs Flash to indicate a very low level is remaining.  The LED Flash Alert™ can be OEM customized.

All Liquid Fuel Gauges are 100% epoxy encapsulated for superb environmental durability. Four panel mount case styles are available and are designed to fit industry standard cutouts. Two new Snap-in cases have made SenDEC the industry leader for ultra fast and easy installation. Solid state electronics, modern appearance, competitive costing, and enhanced functionality provide today's OEMs the best of all possibilities without sacrifice to performance, operation, or budget.

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