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SINCRO Alternators
Bringing you one of the largest and highest quality selections
of alternators on the market today, from Italian Manufacturer Sincro s.r.l. Sincro offers a wide array of 2 and 4 pole alternators, with KVA ratings
starting at 2KVA and continuing all the way to 3120KVA.

To begin searching for an alternator that fits your need, 2-Pole - 4-Pole.

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SINCRO Welders
In addition to being one of the most reliable alternator manufacturers
on the market today, Sincro also produces a wide range of AC/DC welders.
With welding capacities from 190 to 400A and a whole host of optional and
standard features, we have the welder to fit any requirement.

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Panel Products & Accessories
Supplying you not only the highest quality alternators and welders, we bring you some of the best regarded meters and circuit breakers available today, from companies such as Circuit Breaker Industries, SenDEC and Eleberg.

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